Johnson-Somerville Reunion 2018
"Forever My Family"
July 6th - July 8th
We have completed the preliminary planning for the 2018 Johnson-Somerville Reunion and the excitement of the city of Chicago once again,which includes the beautiful downtown Skyline, The Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, and many other attractions await the Johnson-Somerville Family. The reunion will be held on July 6, 2018 – July 8, 2018. The theme for the 2018 Johnson-Somerville Reunion will be “ Forever My Family. The colors are black, silver, and white, which are the colors of the Chicago White Sox..
Hotel Accommodations
Yet to be determined because we are looking for a bigger and better venue, which includes a bigger ballroom, better amenities, and more attractions within walking distance.
Registration and Banquet Fees
We have worked hard to retain the costs for the 2018 reunion fees, which will remain at the 2016 level for adults and children.  Adult Registration (18 years old and above: $90.00 without Hat or $100.00 with a Hat); Children Registration Fee (4 years to 17 year old: $45.00 without Hat or $55.00 with a Hat). Registration fee for Children 3 and under is $10 (T-Shirt/Misc.). The Registration Fee  includes;  T-Shirt, Activities, Park Fees, Food (park & hospitality suite), Snacks(park & hospitality suite), Drinks (park & hospitality suite), DJ, Hospitality Suite Fee, Park Entertainment, Reunion Souvenirs, Prizes, Decorations, Paper Products, Ice, Bank Fees, Website Fees, Postage and Office Supplies. 
The Banquet Fees are as follows; Adult Banquet Fee (13 years and above: $45.00) and Children Banquet Fee (4 years to 12 years old: $25.00 for adult entree).
Local transportation will be provided for scheduled outings, activities, and to the park for the picnic.
Payment Options
The on-line PayPal options will be available effective September 1, 2017; payments are accepted through U.S. mail (check or money order) or by credit card via the website.  You can access the credit card/PayPal payment option at   Please note that the payments options can be performed 2 different ways.  You have the option of (1) paying the Full Amount (check or credit card) or (2) Installments – check/money orders only (a) paying 1/2 the amount immediately and1/2 the following month; (b) paying1/3 over the next 3 monthsAll final payments for the 2018 Reunion are due on or before May 1, 2018. This date coincides with due dates for deposits on transportation, facilities and catering.
All of the enclosed forms will be available at  along with hotel information and in upcoming months the reunion itinerary, park information and much more, also all additional information will be mailed in early spring. We are looking forward to seeing each and every family member in July 2018. 
When Praises Go Up, Blessings Come Down,
Johnson-Somerville Reunion Committee 

"Forever My Family"
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